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Tupoho Whanau Trust


Housed within the Rangahaua Marae complex is the administration arm of Tupoho Whanau Trust.

The marae itself is utilised often by various Community and Iwi organisations and individuals.

Tupoho Whanau Trust runs its educational programmes and services from Ruruhau, M, O and P blocks.

Rangahaua Te Kohanga Reo


Rangahaua Te Kohanga Reo is still situated in the premises on Bell Street, where they have been for a number of years.

Ti Hau Ora O Te Aroha


Ti Hau Ora O Te Aroha offer holistic healing services from the house known as S block, which faces Liverpool Street. They are able to be contacted bu phone on 063455080, or by visiting their website

Glass School


The Glass School has moved from the space it occupied to the UCOL premises.

Aotea Te Kohanga Reo Trust


Te Tari Matua ki Aotea Te Kohanga Reo Trust utilises the property that borders both Liverpool and Campbell St, known as R block.

The Mens Shed


The back section of E block is used by a group called The Mens Shed. Their entrance is off Wicksteed Street.

Land Claims and Te Runanga O Tupoho


Q block is shared by our Land Claims and Te Runanga o Tupoho. A number of hapu and iwi organisations also utilise this building for various hui and events.

Maori Wardens


The Maori Wardens are now running out of a house located at 66 Campbell Street (identified as T block on the map)

Exhale Health


One of the houses at the Dublin Street end of Campbell Street (L block) is the home to Exhale Health. Services here include relaxation massage, reflexology, NLP and health coaching with other similar services being offered in the near future.

Te Oranganui Iwi Health Authority


Te Oranganui are another awesome service onsite. They operate out of A, F, G and H blocks. Their services are best accessed from either Wicksteed Street or the Campbell Street entrance that comes off Dublin Street. Having the majority of services centrally located is definitely a bonus for all who utilise the services.

UCOL Fine Arts


The UCOL fine arts courses moved from the complex and are now located in the UCOL premises at their main site.

Tupoho Iwi & Community Social Services


Tupoho Iwi & Community Social Services operates from the first house on your right as you come off Dublin Street to the Campbell Street entrance.(Also known as U Block) They offer a number of services to whanau, hapu and iwi including Budgeting Advice, Counselling and advice around other Social Service needs.

Te Wananga o Aotearoa


Te Wananga o Aotearoa utilises K Block as the area where they offer their programme in the Forestry Area.

Pakohe Papers


The most recent addition to our Complex is Pakohe Papers which utilises the space in J Block to run their business. This is run by Marty and Marilyn Vreede and their visions for the future around the "arts" makes this a fantastic opportunity for all.

Quick Fix Cafe


Sass Peina operates Quick Fix Cafe. Due to the relocation of UCOL the majority of their operations have now moved down to the UCOL site. However, they still operate out of C Block with catering services for many of those onsite and externally. You are able to contact Quick Fix on 063480362 or go in and visit them onsite.